Bodily Injury

Serious bodily injury can result in exorbitant medical costs and could also result in jail time.  Strong legal representation is a necessity when dealing with these cases.  We have considerable experience defending individuals from such claims and are confident we can assist you with your bodily injury defense.

Examinations Under Oath

Many insurance companies require sworn testimony called Examination Under Oath during disputes.  Much like a deposition, and EUO records questions and sworn answers involving an incident to reach a resolution, and is an obligation required of many insurance policies.

Fraud (SIU) Investigations

SIU’s, or Special Investigator Units are departments within insurance companies designated to investigate insurance fraud.  SIU’s work closely with law enforcement teams to determine and prosecute such cases.

Healthcare Insurance Services

We offer a comprehensive sector knowledge of the industry that offers representation across the scope of legal issues that arise herein.


We are at your service to resolve your disputes within the court system.  No stranger to the Florida court system, we are willing, ready, and able to fight for you in a court of law.


This type of auto insurance can cover many aspects of an accident including medical expenses, lost wages, and out of pocket costs.  We can help you navigate the complexity of such cases and find an outcome that best serves you.

Premises Liability

As a property owner, you can be held responsible for unsafe conditions that result in injuries and damages.  These can include inadequate building security, floods, or exposure to chemicals and other safety hazards.

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